My Delicious Story

My name is Heather Donald, I was born in Scotland but have lived most of my life in Ontario Canada.

I've worked my whole life, since I was 15 years old, always dreaming of owning my own business one day. Constantly learning and improving, going from working in factories to working in an office, to being management - never resting, never giving up.

I have always been happiest in the kitchen, starting when I still needed a milk crate to reach the counter. Nothing makes me happier than someone enjoying my food, so naturally I have always dreamed of having a food-based business.

I made the awesome discovery of the new generation of Cannabis Infused Edibles in 2018. Like most people these days, my first experience was a gummy candy. Prior to that my experience was old fashioned ‘pot brownies’ or ‘pot cookies’ made by grinding up cannabis flower and tossing it directly into the batter. It tasted bad, had a terrible mouth feel and was not effective. I left those behind in the eighties – where they belonged.


Thanks to stoner science, namely decarboxylation, the process of extracting THC and making butter or oil has led to a more appealing and effective cannabis infused
edible product. I felt like there was a massive gap in the local market just waiting to be filled. Why not a product that has as much focus on taste as being a vehicle to ingest THC?


Why not indeed. Determined, I researched how best to efficiently extract the THC from the flower and make butter, through trial and error I developed the perfect process. I then started experimenting with gourmet baked goods and desserts. Little did I know that this was the first step in my journey to build Heagealicious Edibles.

My first recipe was Spiced Mexican Chocolate Truffles. Dark chocolate is the perfect fit with what I am trying to accomplish, it is a luxurious ingredient for a discerning adult palate. Not only did I love these wonderful rich chocolate truffles that were slightly bitter with a hint of spice, but so did my friends. So much so, that they requested to buy them and were interested in what else I might come up with next. I’ve since curated a constantly growing collection of gourmet infused edible recipes and the response has been tremendous.

Heagealicious is devoted to creating gourmet edibles made from scratch in small batches with a focus on taste, providing you with edibles of the highest quality. Finally, I’m living my dream, and I hope you get as much pleasure from my gourmet goodies as I get from making them for you, with love you can taste.

Heagealicious Edibles