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Edibles Safety

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

It is important to note the impairment effects of edibles may be delayed by up to two hours or more. This highlights a common risk where users can accidentally consume more active THC than they intend when consuming edibles, as the effects are often delayed as compared to other forms of cannabis consumption.

Marijuana edibles are different from smoking or vaping in that the THC is processed through your liver. Your liver converts it into 11-hydroxy-THC, which is far more potent, resulting in a more intense high.

Following a few basic guidelines will ensure you have a good first experience with edibles; many over-do it resulting in discomfort, possible panic attacks, not just for anxiety-sufferers but also any individual who doesn’t particularly like the feeling of being “too high” or wasn’t prepared for it to hit them all at once. To help first time edible users, or even more experienced users who want to avoid making similar mistakes, here are some basic rules for marijuana edible safety.


Preparing to ingest edibles for the first time begins well before feasting on that delicious cannabis infused edible. The first step is to eat a proper meal. The high will hit you harder and faster on an empty stomach. Some more exuberant individuals may think this is a great approach, I advise against it. If you are new to edibles there is a high likelihood for the experience not to be a good one if you try to go hard and overindulge purposefully or otherwise. There will always be time to up your dosage and experiment however you see fit, you’ve got your whole life ahead of you! But it’s not for the first or even the second time. You need to understand your personal tolerance first, so you can make an educated decision on future dosing. Thus ensuring awesome vibes every time.


If you want to drink, than simply choose alcohol but if you want to experience edibles, than choose to experience them alone. Mixing these substances should only be attempted by highly experienced individuals, in both drinking and ingesting edibles. Smoking a joint while having a beer or cocktail is a very different experience than ingesting a piece of infused fudge while imbibing several drinks. Even a couple glasses of wine can intensify the effects of ingesting marijuana and can greatly increase the significance of nausea or dizziness.


This is the most important rule when first ingesting marijuana edibles. Always remember to start small and take it slow! The edibles should be labelled with information about the THC content. Most experienced users know their tolerance and what they can handle. If you are new to marijuana edibles, always start with a smaller dose. This is usually recommended to be around 10 milligrams of THC and then wait two hours before you consume any more. If you decide to take more just take another 10 milligrams. For example, if you have a cookie with 25g THC you can break it into 3 pieces, eat one and wait 2 hours before deciding to eat a second piece.


If you do have too much THC and are able to, just remember to remain calm. If you happen to have CBD oil, that is the absolute best way help take the edge off. However, if you are not panicked, take a shower, lay down and go to sleep. If you are feeling a little too edgy to sleep, put on your favourite music and drink some nice cool water. Listen to the music and sip your water and you will find yourself coming into focus. Remember, it’s marijuana, you’re going to be fine in no time.

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