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Happy Canada Day from Heagealicious!

New Paths

Child of the North,  Yearn no more after old playthings,  Temples and towers and gates Memory-haunted thoroughfares and rich palaces And all the burdensome inheritance, the binding legacies,  Of the Old World and the East.

Here is a new soil and a sharp sun.

Turn from the past,  Walk with me among these indigent firs,  Climb these rough crags And let the winds that have swept lone cityless plains,  Gathering no sad tales of past endeavour,  Tell you of fresh beauty and full growth. 

F. R. Scott (1889-1985)

I have made some really lovely edibles to celebrate Canada Day. Strawberry Rhubarb Cake Pops, coated in Valrhona Strawberry Inspiration Chocolate. Spectacular summertime flavours; lemon, rhubarb and strawberry.

100mg. THC, $10/each

Use the code CANADA to get 5 items for the price of 4 on your next order!

Visit to order now!

Happy Canada Day from Heagealicious!

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